Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nottingham Proud

So I keep seeing this tagline around town; it riles me.

I've lived in Nottingham pretty much all of my life; clearly I approve of it as a place of residence; I'd like for Nottingham to be proud and, in turn, to be proud to live here.

That isn't happening.

It is probably a sign of my increasing years, policemen getting younger and all that, but I see failures and weaknesses everywhere.

Now I live in the Meadows; some people think of this as a 'bad zone' but we're adjacent to a couple of large fields by the river and it's a perfect location for us for a variety of reasons. Actually, that being said, it is a perfectly amicable area and I've never witnessed any problems, although 'Big J' does get very defensive about me walking about in the dark.

Recently some graffiti appeared on the wall outside our estate; it's an odd little complex, isolated and civilised; I was annoyed.

On the walk into work I noticed another poster carrying the aforementioned tagline 'Nottingham Proud'; this poster carried the declaration towards cleaning up the city and getting rid of graffiti; I called the number.

I spoke to a moderately confused girl; I couldn't see her but I do now have a picture of her in my head. She eventually recognised the address and location I had described to her, and then, the questions started. She needed to know the size of the graffiti; she needed to know the content of the graffiti; it all smacked of 'we'll get rid of it if it's nasty enough'.

Nothing has happened in response as yet, but I'm feeling ranty so will, no doubt, be burbling on about Nottingham having nothing to be proud about until they remove it.

And another thing...